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Water Features

Our subsidiary company “Water Features By Design” can create one-of-a-kind water features like ponds and waterfalls on your property. Waterfalls are one of nature’s most captivating sights. Cascading down from their heights, they always create a sense of wonder that nature could form such a beautiful piece of artwork from rocks and water. Man has long since tried to recreate this natural phenomenon with much success, but such success requires detailed design and careful construction.

In our waterfalls, we blend the beauty of natural stone  to create a natural looking waterfall that will last a lifetime. The installation is done by our trained construction team.

“Water Features by Design” can be of assistance in simply the water feature design, supplying the fountain plumbing, supplying the fountain equipment, supplying complete custom fabricated for your fountain, or the handling the fountain construction; from start-to-finish.

Water-feature construction requires knowledge of the nature of water applied to ground preparation, materials, form work, plumbing, electrical requirements, and finishing materials all in an effort to provide a beautiful high quality water-feature.

Pond Clean-Outs

Winter is on its way out and spring is just around the corner, get your pond season under way! Now is a great time to book your March/April spring cleanout for your pond before the “cleanout rush” hits us. Call or email to book your annual spring cleanout today.

Our pond clean-out services begin at $350.00 for the complete spring pond maintenance. Here is what we typically do:
• Remove pond netting and de-icing system
• Drain pond, remove livestock to aerated containers
• Visual health check of livestock, advise customer
• Remove debris, sludge, algae from pond interior and rocks
• Prune and fertilize pond plants
• Cleanout skimmer boxes, biofilters, pumps
• Pressure wash and drain pond interior
• Restack and/or organize fallen rockwork
• Flush plumbing lines
• Maintain lighting system for pond
• Re-connect all filter and pumping components
• Wash or replace filter media
• Fill pond*, condition water, administer beneficial bacteria
• Start system, perform visual check of equipment operation
• Check outside perimeter of pond for low spots, leaks, problems
• Acclimate livestock to pond, return livestock to pond*
• Clean work area
• Set up maintenance program for pond services w/ customer

Book now to enjoy your full season of pond keeping and water gardening, March and April are the ideal times for this annual pond maintenance service to be performed. Ask about our Ozarks pond maintenance programs and other services too.


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